The car makers sold 17.35 million autos in the U.S. last year. This result demonstrates convincingly that the car market is out of crisis and on the rise. American consumers buy cars first of all over cheap gasoline, economic growth and low rates, according to experts.

At the top is General Motors with 3.1 million vehicles. The second is Ford – 2.6 million vehicles. Toyota with 2.5 million and Chrysler – 2.2 million are in the third and fourth places.

American drivers still don’t like small cars and prefer as usual big and roomy U.S.-made cars, such as pickup trucks, SUVs, full- and midsize sedans and station wagons. Ford sold about 700.000 F-series pickups, Chevrolet sold more than 500.000 Silverados. By contrast, Fiat Chrysler sold approx 410.000 Dodge Rams. Toyota and Honda sold about 400.000 (Toyota Camry) and more than 320.000 (Honda Accord) middle size sedans.