IN THIS DAY OF EVER-present corporate spin doctoring, it’s refreshing to encounter companies whose ethos is as true today as it was from the day it started.

Whether that is the betterment of man, the reforestation of land or crafting the world’s best doughnut, the single-minded drive is impressive. For this reason, we are loyal to brands like Levi’s or Carhartt or Ivory soap— they deliver on their brand promise and on what we have come to expect over time.

Put Dodge in that same category. For Dodge, the pursuit of performance has been a 100-year mantra, and its consumers are thankful Dodge remains true to its promise.

If you think this is not so, name another car company that delivers, top to bottom, performance as does Dodge at prices you can afford. You can’t. Dodge champions performance in all it does and delivers. We benefit.

For this Dodge centennial celebration, we created nothing short of the Manual of American Performance. You will find stories about the brothers who, through repeated struggles and disappointments, hardships and perseverance, brought the firm to fruition. You will also come to know that—no, in fact—the Dodge Brothers logo is not fashioned from the Star of David. (Read on, to learn from where it did originate.) You’ll find out about the seminal cars that today are pursued by collectors here and abroad—and whose value is climbing as these words are typed.

2016 Dodge Viper SRT Foto 2016 Dodge Viper SRT

Dare we ask if anything is more viscerally and thoroughly American performance than rock ‘n’ roll music? We feature the 50th anniversary of this music genre through the lens of the late Jim Marshall, a man whose iconic images you’ll recognize immediately, much like the names Hemi and Scat Pack …

But wait, there’s more: This performance manual couldn’t be complete without a deep dive into today’s Dodge cars—those that leave little boys’ (and their fathers’) jaws agape at the thrumming, rumbling beat of their Hemi hearts. Cars that put smiles on faces, stop traffic and are portfolio fodder for a generation hence. Names like Charger and Challenger, Hellcat and Viper. These are the cars of our dreams.


Ah, Viper. Just saying the name elicits goose bumps for those who know the torquey thrill of throttle-induced oversteer. The car that was forged from the same creative mind as the Dodge brothers themselves, Viper is the stuff of childhood fantasies fueled by bedroom posters plastered to walls. If you’re a Viper owner once, you’re a Viper owner always, and that’s the way it should be.